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GK Questions Answers, SSC GK

GK Questions Answers, SSC GK

Question no (1) In 1951 which two car companies were introduced power steering?
Answer = Buick and Chrysler.

Question no (2) What is the national flower of the Japan?
Answer = Chrysanthemum.

Question no (3) What did mathematician John Napier invent in 1614?
Answer = Logarithms.

Question no (4) What was the world’s first high level programming language in 1957?

Question no (5) Which two metals are alloy for make pewter?
Answer = Tin and Lead.

Question no (6) In 1899 the Eastman company in the USA produced first what was that?
Answer = Kodak 1 – the hand held roll film cam.

Question no (7) What is the longest river in the Italy?
Answer = Po.

Question no (8) Who was the last king of Troy killed by Achilles son Pyrrhus?
Answer = Priam.

Question no (9) What weapon was invented by Ernest Swinton which used in 1916?
Answer = Tank.

Question no (10) In 1901 who first transmitted radio signals across the Atlantic?
Answer = Marconi.

Question no (11) Which is part of the human body contains the most gold?
Answer = Toenails.

Question no (12) Which non alcoholic cordial is made from a pomegranates?
Answer = Grenadine.

Question no (13) Who wrote the ‘Man in the Iron Mask’?
Answer = Alexander Dumas.

Question no (14) What is the largest state in USA?
Answer = Alaska.

Question no (15) Whose autobiography was ‘The long walk to Freedom’?
Answer = Nelson Mandela.

Question no (16) What was discovered in the 1922 by Howard Carter?
Answer = Tutankamen tomb.

Question no (17) How many rings on the Olympic flag are?
Answer = Five.

Question no (18) Who discovered the radium?
Answer = The Curies.

Question no (19) Who designed the first Iron ship the Great Britain into 1845?
Answer = I. Kingdom Brunel.

Question no (20) In the 1953 what was first successfully transmitted in the USA?
Answer = Colour Television.

Question no (21) Who won the six consecutive Wimbledon titles in the 1980s ?
Answer = Martina Navratilova.

Question no (22) What is the food ‘TOFU’ made from?
Answer = Soya Bean Curd – via Soya milk.

Question no (23) Consumption was the former name of which disease?
Answer = Tuberculosis.

Question no (24) Which American state is nicknamed ‘The Diamond State’?
Answer = Delaware.

Question no (25) King Zog ruled which of the country?
Answer = Albania.

Question no (26) In 1901 which brand of car was seen for the first time in world?
Answer = Mercedes.

Question no (27) Brisbane is the state capital of which SE Australian state name?
Answer = Queensland.

Question no (28) In 1890 the first electric what opened in the London?
Answer = Underground railway.

Question no (29) What is the capitol of Morocco?
Answer = Rabat.

Question no (30) What is the staple food of one third of the worlds total population?
Answer = Rice.

Question no (31) Who wrote the music for the ballets Firebird and Rites of Spring?
Answer = Igor Stravinsky.

Question no (32) Which of the European country is divided into areas called Cantons?
Answer = Switzerland.

Question no (33) Which medical tool was developed by Sanctorius in the 1612?
Answer = Thermometer.

Question no (34) Who was the first man into space?
Answer = Yuri Gagarin.

Question no (35) Who won an Oscar for the African Queen?
Answer = Bogart.

Question no (36) What is the IMF description?
Answer = International Monetary Fund.

Question no (37) Which country is grows the most fruit?
Answer = China.

Question no (38) What kind of an animal is a lurcher?
Answer = Dog.

Question no (39) What is the currency of the Austria?
Answer = Schilling.

Question no (40) Which car company makes the Celica?
Answer = Toyota.

Question no (41) Who sailed in the Golden Hind?
Answer = Sir Francis Drake.

Question no (42) In Japan what is Seppuku mean?
Answer = Hari Kari – suicide.

Question no (43) Who discovered first the blood circulation?
Answer = William Harvey.

Question no (44) Which city in Rajasthan has riding breeches named after it?
Answer = Jodhpur.

Question no (45) In which country is the Negev desert?
Answer = Israel.

Question no (46) Who wrote ‘The Rights of Man’ and ‘The Age of Reason’?
Answer = Thomas Paine.

Question no (47) What is the capital of Sicily?
Answer = Palermo.

Question no (48) What is the state capital of New Jersey?
Answer = Trenton.

Question no (49) Who won an Oscar for best supporting actor in Spartacus 1960?
Answer = Peter Ustinov.

Question no (50) Viticulture is the growing of what plants?
Answer = Vines.

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