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SSC GK Questions Answers

SSC GK Questions Answers

1. Chemical formula of washing soda is–
(A) Na2SO4. 10H2O (B) NaHCO3 (C) Na2CO3.10H2O (D) Ca(OH)2 (Ans : C)

2. Hydrochloric acid is also known as–
(A) Galic acid (B) Picric acid (C) Muriatic acid (D) Chloric acid (Ans : C)

3. Kanchenjunga National Park is located in–
(A) Uttar Pradesh (B) West Bengal (C) Sikkim (D) Jammu and Kashmir (Ans : B)

4. Biosphere Reserve of India Nanda Devi (UNESCO) is located in the State of–
(A) Uttarakhand (B) Sikkim (C) Meghalaya (D) Himachal Pradesh (Ans : A)

5. Environment related important International Agreement/ Conference/ Convention on Biological Diversity took place in 2012 at–
(A) Montreal (B) Hyderabad (C) Vienna (D) Rotterdam (Ans : B)

6. In a desert region, soil erosion can be checked by–
(A) Contour ploughing (B) Using farm manure
(C) Tree plantation/ Afforestation (D) Crop rotation (Ans : C)

7. The first oil refinery in India was set up at–
(A) Barauni (B) Visakhapatnam (C) Digboi (D) Mumbai (Ans : C)

8. The inert gas used as beacon light is–
(A) Kr (B) Ar (C) He (D) Ne (Ans : D)

9. The chemical name of baking soda is–
(A) Sodium carbonate (B) Sodium bicarbonate (C) Sodium chloride (D) Sodium nitrate (Ans : B)

10. As an export item of India, which spice-occupies the top position in value?
(A) Pepper (B) Chillies (C) Turmeric (D) Cardamom (Ans : B)

11. The fourteen major banks in India were nationalised in the year–
(A) 1967 (B) 1968 (C) 1969 (D) 1971 (Ans : C)

12. One rupee notes are issued by the–
(A) Reserve Bank of India (B) State Bank of India (C) President of India (D) Government of India (Ans : D)

13. The name of the train “Shatabdi Express” refers to the centenary of–
(A) Mahatma Gandhi (B) Indian National Congress
(C) India’s War of Independence (D) Jawaharlal Nehru (Ans : D)

14. Which one of the following is not a rabi crop?
(A) Mustard (B) Rice (C) Wheat (D) Gram (Ans : B)

15. Kolkata and Delhi are connected by–
(A) N.H. No. 1 (B) N.H. No. 2 (C) N.H. No. 9 (D) N.H. No. 6 (Ans : B)

16. The driest part of India is–
(A) Western Rajasthan (B) Jammu and Kashmir (C) Gujarat (D) Madhya Pradesh (Ans : A)

17. “Mumbai High” is associated with–
(A) Steel (B) Petroleum (C) Mausoleum (D) Jute (Ans : B)

18. India switched over to the decimal currency system in–
(A) 1955 (B) 1956 (C) 1957 (D) 1958 (Ans : C)

19. Which one of the following goods has only exchange value ?
(A) Diamond (B) Television (C) Computer (D) Rice (Ans : A)

20. How much of India’s total geographical area is forest land ?
(A) 20% (B) 23% (C) 26% (D) 28% (Ans : B)

21. The Second Plan gave priority to–
(A) Agriculture (B) Services (C) Heavy Industries (D) Foreign Trade (Ans : C)

22. The power to decide an Election Petition for the State is vested in the–
(A) Parliament (B) Supreme Court (C) High Courts (D) Election Commission (Ans : C)

23. How many items are there in the Union List?
(A) 52 (B) 66 (C) 97 (D) 99 (Ans : D)

24. What is the maximum gap permissible between two sessions of Parliament?
(A) One month (B) Three months (C) Six months (D) Twelve months (Ans : C)

25. When were the Fundamental Duties incorporated in the Constitution?
(A) 1975 (B) 1976 (C) 1977 (D) 1979 (Ans : B)

26. Small farmers in the country have been defined as those farmers having land holdings of–
(A) below one hectare. (B) one to two hectare. (C) two to three hectare. (D) three to four hectare. (Ans : B)

27. The number of Nationalised Banks in India are–
(A) 14 (B) 21 (C) 20 (D) 22 (Ans : C)

28. The Crimean War in 1854-1856 was fought between.
(A) Russia and Turkey (B) USA and England (C) Russia and Japan (D) England and France (Ans : A)

29. The “Last Supper”, a famous Renaissance Painting, was a master piece of.
(A) Michael Angelo (B) Titian (C) Leonardo da Vinci (D) Raphael (Ans : C)

30. Varahamihira was–
(A) An Astronaut (B) A Space Shuttle (C) A Power Station (D) An Ancient Astronomer (Ans : D)

31. Talking to one’s own self–
(A) Sinecure (B) Soliloquy (C) Pessimist (D) Philanthropist (Ans : B)

32. Rift Valley is formed–
(A) between two anticlines (B) between two faults (C) erosion of synclinal basin (D) due to volcanic eruption (Ans : B)

33. Lake formed by Aswan Dam . in Africa–
(A) Chad (B) Victoria (C) Nassar (D) Tanganyika (Ans : C)

34. How many judges are there in Supreme Court ?
(A) 25 (B) 26 (C) 30 (D) 31 (Ans : D)

35. During the region of Bindusara there was unrest at.
(A) Ujjayani (B) Pushkalavati (C) Takshasila (D) Rajagriha (Ans : C)

36. Widening of a river valley takes place due to–
(A) Corrosion (B) Lateral erosion (C) Corrasion (D) Hydraulic action (Ans : B)

37. Resin is a product of–
(A) Grapes (B) Coniferous trees (C) Rubber tree (D) Banyan tree (Ans : B)

38. Water of coconut is–
(A) liquid nucellus (B) liquid mesocarp (C) liquid endocarp (D) degenerated liquid endosperm (Ans : D)

39. Bulbils takes part in–
(A) Sexual reproduction (B) Vegetative reproduction (C) Food storage (D) Respiration (Ans : B)

40. Fish is a first class protein as it contains–
(A) essential amino-acids (B) non-essential amino acids (C) all essential fatty acids (D) no amino acid (Ans : A)

41. Stem is usually–
(A) Positively phototropic (B) Negatively phototropic (C) Negatively geotropic (D) Positively acrotropic (Ans : A)

42. The word ‘insolation’ means–
(A) matters which insulates (B) incoming solar radiation (C) insoluble matters (D) None or the above (Ans : B)

43. ‘Terra rossa’ is a Latin word which means–
(A) hot area (B) red terrain (C) lateritic region (D) region near to the poles (Ans : B)

44. A bullet hits and gets embedded in a solid block resting on a horizontal frictionless table. Which physical quantity is conserved in this process ?
(A) Momentum and kinetic energy (B) Momentum alone
(C) Kinetic energy alone (D) Neither momentum nor kinetic energy (Ans : B)

45. An instrument used to measure the density of milk is–
(A) Glactometer (B) Lactometer (C) Calciometer (D) Polarimeter (Ans : B)

46. While ascending a hill, the driver of the vehicle keeps the gear ratio–
(A) equal to 1 (B) less than 1 (C) greater than 1 (D) either equal to or greater than 1 (Ans : D)

47. The process of combining strings is known as–
(A) Compiling (B) Combining (C) Attaching (D) Concatenation (Ans : D)

48. Which component is mainly responsible for doing calculations in computer?
(A) Random access memory (B) Control unit (C) Arithmetic logic unit (D) Hard disk (Ans : B)

49. Bacterial cells do not have–
(A) Cell wall (B) Plasma membrane (C) Ribosome (D) Mitochondria (Ans : D)

50. A wire of resistance R is cut into ‘n’ equal parts. These parts are then connected in parallel. The equivalent resistance of the combination will be–
(A) nR (B) R/n (C) n/R (D) R/n2 (Ans : C)

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