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GK Questions Answers,Science GK

GK Questions Answers,Science GK

Q. Rubber is a product of -

1) Fibre
2) Latex
3) Resin
4) Gum

Q. Who invented Telegraph?

1) Samuel Morse
2) Edward Jenner
3) Alexander Graham Bell
4) Marcony

Q. If someone is injured in an accident and broken his/her knee joint, then he or she needs to consult -

1) Orthopodic
2) Paediatrician
3) Oncologist
4) Urologist

Q. Which of the following is a "Fire and Forget" anti tank missile?

1) Trishul
2) Agni
3) Akash
4) Nag

Q. The apparatus used for detecting lie is known as -

1) Polygraph
2) Pyrometer
3) Gyroscope
4) Kymograph

Q. A device used for measuring the depth of the sea is called -

1) Altimeter
2) Fathometer
3) Hydrometer
4) Manometer

Q. What is measured by the sling Psychrometer?

1) Temperature
2) Humidity
3) Pressure
4) Wind velocity

Q. Cryogenic engines fined applications in -

1) Sub-marine propulsion
2) Frost free refrigerators
3) Rocket technology
4) Superconductivity

Q. Communication satellite are used to -

1) transmit communication signal only
2) receives communication signal only
3) receive and redirect communication signal 
4) provide information of natural resources only
Q. Which country is in the process of building the largest single Aperture Radio Telescope - FAST?

1) Japan
2) China 
3) USA
4) Russia

Q. Temperature of distant luminous bodies can be determined by -

1) Mercury thermometers 
2) Gas thermometers 
3) Pyrometers
4) Colour thermometers

Q. The Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed a drug named, 'Lukoskin'. It is being used in the treatment of -

1) Leukorrhea 
2) Lung Cancer
3) Leucoderma
4) Leukemia

Q. India’s Indigenous Beyond Visual Range (BVR) air-to-air missile integrated by HAL on Su-30 MKI aircraft was successfully launched from Chandiur, Odisha. It is name as -

1) Astra
2) Python
3) Derby

Q. Which of the following space agencies has launched the LISA Pathfinder ?

1) Japan Aerospace Exploration Agency 
2) NASA 
3) European Space Agency 
4) China National Space Administration

Q. Satellites of which of the following countries have been successfully launched by using ISRO’s PSLV C29 ?

1) Canada
2) Singapore
3) Indonesia
4) Saudi Arabia

Q. Pedology is the science related to the study of -

1) atmosphere 
2) soil
3) pollutants 
4) seeds

Q. The branch of physics that deals with the motion of a very small particle is called-

1) Field Theory 
2) Particle Physics 
3) Quantum Mechanics 
4) Atomic Physics

Q. Which of the following is the largest air pollutant?

1) Carbon dioxide 
2) Carbon monoxide 
3) Sulphur dioxide
4) Hydrocarbons

Q. Leakage of which of the following gases had caused the Bhopal Gas Tragedy?

1) Methyl isocyanate
2) Carbon Mono-oxide
3) Nitric oxide
4) Sulphur di-oxide

Q. One carbon credit is equivalent to -

1) 10 kg of CO2
2) 100 kg of CO2
3) 1000 kg of CO2
4) 10000 kg of CO2

Q. Which among the following gas is most responsible for global warming?

1) Nitrogen
2) Methane
3) Carbon di-oxide
4) Carbon mono-oxide

Q. Who discovered the fact that - "An electric current produces a circular magnetic field as it flows through a wire"?

1) Oersted
2) Faraday
3) Fleming
4) Coulomb

Q. The first printed works are called -

1) Impensis
2) Incunabula
3) Impression
4) Imprimatur

Q. Pedology is the study of

1) Soil
2) Locomotion of animals
3) Rocks
4) Crops disease

Q. Endosulfan spray on cashew crop resulted in the pollution to the tune of tragedy in -

1) Tamil Nadu
2) Kerala
3) Andhra Pradesh
4) Karnataka

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