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गुरुवार, 14 सितंबर 2017

GK Questions Answers

GK Questions Answers

Q. The base year for Rajasthan's whole sale price Index is -

1) 2011-12
2) 2004-05
3) 1999-2000
4) 1986-87

Q. Nodal Agency for generation of energy from non-conventional energy sources in Rajasthan is -

1) None of these
2) Centre for New and Renewable Energy Sources
3) State Ministry of New Renewable Energy
4 Rajasthan Renewable Energy Corporation Ltd.


1) All of these
2) a programme to de-addict all the wine users
3) a programme to de-addict all the tobacco users
4) a programme to de-addict all the Doda post users

Q. Photovoltaic cell is related to -

1) Geo Thermal Energy
2) Wind Energy
3) Nuclear Energy
4) Solar Energy

Q. The Chemical formula of baking soda is -

1) NaHCO3
2) Na2CO3
3) Ca(OH)2
4) CaCO3

Q. Which city was founded by Krishna Deva Raya, the ruler of Vijaynagar ?

1) Chandragiri
2) Udaigiri
3) Nagalapur
4) Warangal

Q. Nirmala Sitharaman recently took charge as the second women Defence minister of India. Who was the first women Defence minister of India?

1) Vijay Lakshmi Pandit
2) Aruna Asaf Ali
3) Indira Gandhi
4) Sorojini Naidu

Q. One of following is not the objective of Chief Minister's Shubh Laxmi Yojana in Rajasthan -

1) To help pregnant girls
2) To encourage registration of girl child birth
3) To prevent child marriage
4) To promote the birth of girl child

Q. The growth targets in the 12th Five year plan of Rajasthan for Agriculture. Industry and Service sectors are respectively ?

1) 3.5%, 8.5% and 9.5%
2) 4.0%, 8.5% and 9.0%
3) 4.0%, 8.0% and 9.0%
4) 3.5%, 8.0% and 9.5%

Q. Which district has become the first one in India to get connected to the High Speed Rural Broad-band Network ?

1) Pune District of Maharashtra
2) Idukki District of Kerala
3) Vidisha District of Madhya pradesh
4) Bengalure District of Karnataka

Q. Chose the correct answer in the context of PAHAL scheme -

1) All these are true
2) It directly transfers LPG subsidy into customer's bank accounts
3) It transfers LPG subsidy via DBT
4) It is first variety of JAM

Q. The Defence Research Development Organisation (DRDO) has developed a drug named, 'Lukoskin'. It is being used in the treatment of -

1) Leukorrhea
2) Lung Cancer
3) Leucoderma
4) Leukemia

Q. How many District Industries Centres are workig in Rajasthan ?

1) 29
2) 31
3) 33
4) 36

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