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Animal GK Question and Answer, exams GK, General Knowledge of World GK Question, Interesting GK WORLD,

Animal GK Question and Answer, exams GK, General Knowledge of World GK Question, Interesting GK WORLD @

1: What class of creature has the most species?

Answer: beetle

2: What is the name for a venomous snake that lives in Japan?

Answer: mamushi

3: What kind of animal is a kite?

Answer: Bird

4: What do bats use to control their wings?

Answer: arms and fingers

5: What is the largest monkey?

Answer: mandrill

6: An assembly of owls is referred to as a:

Answer: Parliament

7: All worker ants are male. True or false?

Answer: False

8: Which group of arthropods does not have members that are camouflaged by their resemblance to bird droppings?

Answer: Dragonflies

9: What is the largest number of eggs that a burrowing owl (Athene cunicularia) will typically lay?

Answer: 12

10: Which of the following famous racehorses does not have a biopic?

Answer: War Admiral

11: On what continent did horses evolve?

Answer: North America

12: Why do guinea pigs eat some of their feces?

Answer: To obtain vitamins

13: Are capybaras herbivores, carnivores, or omnivores?

Answer: herbivores

14: How many basic groups of amphibians are there?

Answer: 3

15: What kind of animal is a gribble?

Answer: Crustacean

16: A group of crows is called a:

Answer: Murder

17: Ants cannot live in wet climates. True or false?

Answer: False

18: Why do baby elephants eat their mothers’ droppings?

Answer: To ingest essential gut flora

 19: What is the largest number of eggs a bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus) can lay?

Answer: 28

20: The Lone Ranger’s Potawatomi sidekick, Tonto, had a horse named what?

Answer: Scout

Quiz Question 21: What kind of animal is a silverside?

Answer: Fish

Quiz Question 22: Dogs can hear up to what frequency (in cycles per second)?

Answer: 50000

Quiz Question 23: What are newborn crickets called?

Answer: nymphs

Quiz Question 24: What do adult frogs and toads lack?

Answer: tail

Quiz Question 25: Caterpillars have no exoskeleton. True or false?

Answer: False

Quiz Question 26: What are fossilized feces called?

Answer: Coprolites

Quiz Question 27: What is the largest number of eggs a green iguana (Iguana iguana) may lay?

Answer: 30

Quiz Question 28: A mustang known as Comanche was the mount of which well-known commander?

Answer: George Custer

Quiz Question 29: How many kilograms can an adult giant panda weigh?

Answer: 113

Quiz Question 30: What organ do snakes use to help them taste and smell?

Answer: Jacobson’s organ

GK Quiz 31 – 40

Quiz Question 31: What is the name for a larval fly?

Answer: maggot

Quiz Question 32: A cluster of jellyfish is called a:

Answer: Smack

Quiz Question 33: What kind of animal is a yak?

Answer: ox

Quiz Question 34: Fewer than 10 species of ants are found in India. True or false?

Answer: False

Quiz Question 35: The young of some species of which animal produce feces contained inside a sac of mucus, allowing the parents to easily remove the feces from the nest?

Answer: Bird

Quiz Question 36: How many kits do least weasels (Mustela nivalis) usually give birth to?

Answer: 1–7

Quiz Question 37: How much food does an adult giraffe eat, in kilograms, each day?

Answer: 65

Quiz Question 38: What is a newborn bat called?

Answer: pup

Quiz Question 39: How many toes does a dog have?

Answer: 5

Quiz Question 40: How many body parts does an insect have?

Answer: 3

GK Quiz 41 – 50

Quiz Question 41: What kind of animal is a grunt?

Answer: Fish

Quiz Question 42: What characteristic do all frogs have?

Answer: they are poisonous

Quiz Question 43: A flutter is a group of:

Answer: Butterflies

Quiz Question 44: What is the name for the family of small birds that can hover?

Answer: hummingbirds

Quiz Question 45: How many mice would it take to produce the amount of milk a cow can?

Answer: 6,000

Quiz Question 46: How many times is the largest fish larger than the smallest fish?

Answer: 1,800 times

Quiz Question 47: To which continent are rattlesnakes native?

Answer: North America

Quiz Question 48: What is the name for a two-humped camel?

Answer: Bactrian

Quiz Question 49: The most common terrestrial animal is the ant. True or false?

Answer: True

Quiz Question 50: Why is whale excrement important to oceanic ecosystems?

Answer: It brings nutrients to surface waters

GK Quiz 51 – 60

Quiz Question 51: How many eggs does a mallard duck (Anas platyrhynchos) typically lay?

Answer: 1–13

Quiz Question 52: What’s the name of a mid-20th-century TV show that featured a talking horse?

Answer: Mr. Ed

Quiz Question 53: How many kilograms does a baby elephant typically weigh?

Answer: 90

Quiz Question 54: Which insects gang up to kill hives of bees and steal their honey?

Answer: Japanese hornets

Quiz Question 55: A bunch of otters is a:

Answer: Romp

Quiz Question 56: What is a dog’s front leg called?

Answer: forelimb

Quiz Question 57: What is another word for how bats sleep?

Answer: roost

Quiz Question 58: What is the name for a group of common and often deadly snakes?

Answer: viper

Quiz Question 59: What keeps tree frogs from falling?

Answer: suction cups on their feet

Quiz Question 60: On what animal would you find a howdah?

Answer: elephant

GK Quiz 61 – 70

Quiz Question 61: To which continent are capybaras native?

Answer: South America

Quiz Question 62: Which of these words describes mammals, in terms of body heat?

Answer: homeothermic

Quiz Question 63: Which animal has the widest hearing range?

Answer: dolphin

Quiz Question 64: Field ants take their name from their preferred habitat. True or false?

Answer: True

Quiz Question 65: The word turd derives from which language’s word for excrement?

Answer: Middle English

Quiz Question 66: How many pups does a gray wolf (Canis lupus) normally give birth to?

Answer: 4–6

Quiz Question 67: How many known species of insects are there?

Answer: 1,000,000

Quiz Question 68: Akita, a dog, is a national treasure of which country?

Answer: Japan

Quiz Question 69: A congregation of rhinoceroses is known as a:

Answer: Crash

Quiz Question 70: What are dogs most closely related to?

Answer: wolves

GK Quiz 71 – 80

Quiz Question 71: The tallest land creature is the:

Answer: giraffe

Quiz Question 72: How many kinds of snakes are there?

Answer: 2900

Quiz Question 73: Which of these is found in carnivorous animals?

Answer: carnassial

Quiz Question 74: Where are most chameleons found in nature?

Answer: tropics

Quiz Question 75: What is the mammal with the longest tongue, relative to its size?

Answer: nectar bat

Quiz Question 76: What is the name for an insect’s egg-laying organ?

Answer: ovipositor

Quiz Question 77: What kind of animal is a stallion?

Answer: horse

Quiz Question 78: Ants can be used to predict the weather. True or false?

Answer: True

Quiz Question 79: Which animal uses a cloud of excrement to distract predators, much as a squid uses ink?

Answer: Pygmy sperm whale

Quiz Question 80: How many cubs does a tiger (Panthera tigris) typically give birth to?

Answer: 2–4

GK Quiz 81 – 90

Quiz Question 81: The Norse god Odin rode a magical horse with eight legs. What was the horse’s name?

Answer: Sleipnir

Quiz Question 82: A group of hyenas is known as a:

Answer: Cackle

Quiz Question 83: Which of these is another name for the panda?

Answer: catbear

Quiz Question 84: How many bones does a dog have in its spine?

Answer: 27

Quiz Question 85: In what geological period did birds evolve?

Answer: Jurassic

Quiz Question 86: Snails are called gastropods. True or false?

Answer: True

Quiz Question 87: How do male dance flies entice prospective mates?

Answer: By presenting them with packages of food

Quiz Question 88: What is the largest number of eggs an American toad (Anaxyrus americanus) can typically lay?

Answer: 20,000

Quiz Question 89: On average, how many babies are in a capybara litter?

Answer: 4 or 5

Quiz Question 90: About which horse did Jimmy Driftwood write a song, popularized first by Eddy Arnold and later by the Nitty Gritty Dirt Band?

Answer: Tennessee Stud

GK Quiz 91 – 100

Quiz Question 91: Where would you not expect to find a viper?

Answer: Antarctica

Quiz Question 92: Which insect lays its eggs in the living body of its victims?

Answer: cicada killer wasp

Quiz Question 93: What is the smallest breed of dog?

Answer: chihuahua

Quiz Question 94: What mammal has killed the most humans?

Answer: rat

Quiz Question 95: A quetzal is a kind of:

Answer: bird

Quiz Question 96: Most snails and slugs are very small. True or false?

Answer: True

Quiz Question 97: The males of which group of birds are known for creating elaborately decorated structures in order to entice mates?

Answer: Bowerbirds

Quiz Question 98: How many pounds of meat is a large male lion capable of eating in one sitting?

Answer: 100

Quiz Question 99: What’s the name of Confederate Gen. Robert E. Lee’s best-known horse?

Answer: Traveller

Quiz Question 100: What is the name for a baby koala?

Answer: joey

GK Quiz 101 – 110

Quiz Question 101: A group of which animals is referred to as a wake?

Answer: Vultures

Quiz Question 102: Which is the smallest living bird?

Answer: bee hummingbird

Quiz Question 103: Which of these animals is related to the ant?

Answer: wasp

Quiz Question 104: What was the first animal that humans domesticated for food?

Answer: the goat

Quiz Question 105: What is the hardest tissue in a mammal’s body?

Answer: enamel

Quiz Question 106: Snails and slugs are related. True or false?

Answer: True

Quiz Question 107: What is the name of the evolutionary phenomenon that accounts for the massive tails of peacocks?

Answer: Sexual selection

Quiz Question 108: How much of its body weight can a Nile crocodile eat?

Answer: Half

Quiz Question 109: What is the only living bird with two toes on each foot?

Answer: Ostrich

Quiz Question 110: What is the name for the wild dog of Australia?

Answer: dingo

GK Quiz 111 – 120

Quiz Question 111: How many species of vipers are there?

Answer: 200

Quiz Question 112: What do carnivores eat?

Answer: animals

Quiz Question 113: What do flamingos eat?

Answer: seafood

Quiz Question 114: How many legs do insects have?

Answer: 6

Quiz Question 115: In which country did pigeon racing begin as a sport?

Answer: Belgium

Quiz Question 116: How many meters in length can a reticulated python become?

Answer: 10

Quiz Question 117: Which group of birds migrates the farthest when measured by body length?

Answer: hummingbirds

Quiz Question 118: Clams are kinds of mollusks called bivalves. True or false?

Answer: True

Quiz Question 119: Male grouse and other birds aggregate and compete for the attention of females in groups known as what?

Answer: Leks

Quiz Question 120: How many pounds of meat can a tiger eat at once?

Answer: 40–60

GK Quiz 121 – 130

Quiz Question 121: The graylag, the bean, the brant, and the barnacle are all species of what bird?

Answer: Geese

Quiz Question 122: What does the kangaroo excel in?

Answer: jumping

Quiz Question 123: What is the largest terrier?

Answer: Airedale

Quiz Question 124: Why are many animals brightly colored?

Answer: to attract attention

Quiz Question 125: Which of these is not a relative of the wolf?

Answer: takhi

Quiz Question 126: What is the world’s longest poisonous snake?

Answer: king cobra

Quiz Question 127: Mollusk shells are made of ivory. True or false?

Answer: False

Quiz Question 128: What part of her mate’s body does a female sagebrush cricket eat?

Answer: His wings

Quiz Question 129: Which animal kicked its way out of a feral Burmese python in the Everglades?

Answer: American alligator

Quiz Question 130: Which species of bird is not native to the United States?

Answer: ring-necked pheasant

GK Quiz 131 – 140

Quiz Question 131: In some parts of the world, mysterious deaths of which creatures threaten agriculture?

Answer: bees

Quiz Question 132: How many breeds of dogs are there?

Answer: 400

Quiz Question 133: What animal is an ancestor of domesticated cattle?

Answer: the aurochs

Quiz Question 134: How many baby kangaroos are usually born at a time to a single mother?

Answer: 1

Quiz Question 135: Saltwater snails give birth to live snails. True or false?

Answer: False

Quiz Question 136: In which bird species will a homosexual male pair “adopt” a female and raise offspring with her?

Answer: Greylag goose

Quiz Question 137: What is the largest animal hunted by the leopard?

Answer: Giraffe

Quiz Question 138: What is the unique characteristic of animals classed as monotremes, which represent a surviving link between mammals and reptiles?

Answer: They lay eggs

Quiz Question 139: What is the name for light produced by living things?

Answer: bioluminesence

Quiz Question 140: Where would you find a tuatara?

Answer: New Zealand

GK Quiz 141 – 150

Quiz Question 141: What is another name for the dog called a German shepherd?

Answer: Alsatian

Quiz Question 142: What grows over a turkey’s beak?

Answer: snood

Quiz Question 143: Which of these animals swims in an upright position?

Answer: sea horse

Quiz Question 144: To which continent are cobras native?

Answer: Asia

Quiz Question 145: There are only about 15 species of snail. True or false?

Answer: False

Quiz Question 146: What is a hectocotylus?

Answer: The mating arm of a cephalopod

Quiz Question 147: What is the largest species of bird taken by the peregrine falcon?

Answer: Sandhill crane

Quiz Question 148: What is another name for the Australian kingfisher (known also as the laughing jackass)?

Answer: The kookaburra

Quiz Question 149: Which of these animals is the most often used in scientific research?

Answer: fly

Quiz Question 150: What is a group of bats called?

Answer: colony

GK Quiz 151 – 160

Quiz Question 151: Where would you be likely to find a sleeping bat?

Answer: in a cave

Quiz Question 152: The viceroy butterfly looks like a monarch butterfly. True or false?

Answer: True

Quiz Question 153: Peacock spiders, known for their exotic colors and bizarrely charming mating dances, are native to which country?

Answer: Australia

Quiz Question 154: Albatross chicks are up to 300 times heavier than this predator, yet they are at risk from it on Gough Island in the Atlantic.

Answer: Mice

Quiz Question 155: Which group of mammals are known by the following names: leaf-nosed, chin leaf, whiskered, and mouse-eared?

Answer: Bats

Quiz Question 156: What kind of animal is a kangaroo?

Answer: marsupial

Quiz Question 157: How many times more sensitive is a dog’s nose than a human’s?

Answer: 1000

Quiz Question 158: Where would you not find parrots in the wild?

Answer: Ireland

Quiz Question 159: Where is the largest chameleon found?

Answer: Madagascar

Quiz Question 160: Butterflies are abundant in Antarctica. True or false?

Answer: False

GK Quiz 161 – 170

Quiz Question 161: What kind of animal is a gourami?

Answer: Fish

Quiz Question 162: Which large animal is the orca least successful at hunting?

Answer: Blue whale

Quiz Question 163: To what special category do the following hunting dogs belong: Afghan, beagle, and whippet?

Answer: Hounds

Quiz Question 164: What is the strongest animal based on the ratio of work it can do to its own size?

Answer: beetle

Quiz Question 165: What feature do adult platypuses lack?

Answer: teeth

Quiz Question 166: What do most bats eat?

Answer: insects

Quiz Question 167: What is the most notable feature of a pelican?


Quiz Question 168: About how many species of bats are there?

Answer: 1000

Quiz Question 169: Monarch butterflies like milkweed. True or false?

Answer: True

Quiz Question 170: What kind of animal is a bongo?

Answer: Antelope

GK Quiz 171 – 180

Quiz Question 171: What percentage of its body weight can a Burmese python consume at one time?

Answer: 100

Quiz Question 172: Which 19th-century children’s classic by Anna Sewell features a horse?

Answer: Black Beauty

Quiz Question 173: On what animal would you be riding if you sat in a howdah?

Answer: Elephant

Quiz Question 174: What bird figures on the national flag of Mexico?

Answer: eagle

Quiz Question 175: What is the most deadly Australian animal?

Answer: jellyfish

Quiz Question 176: What is an animal of the class Aves?

Answer: bird

Quiz Question 177: Butterflies have three sets of legs. True or false?

Answer: True

Quiz Question 178: What kind of fish is not referred to as scrod?

Answer: Tuna

Quiz Question 179: How many pounds of salmon can a grizzly bear eat in a day?

Answer: 80–100

Quiz Question 180: The winged horse Pegasus belongs to the mythology of which culture?

Answer: Greek

GK Quiz 181 – 186

Quiz Question 181: The feathers once sold commercially as osprey plumes did not come from the osprey at all. From which bird were they taken?

Answer: The egret

Quiz Question 182: Where would you not likely find bats?

Answer: Antarctica

Quiz Question 183: Which color would you not expect a rattlesnake to be?

Answer: blue

Quiz Question 184: Most moths fly only at night. True or false?

Answer: True

Quiz Question 185: What kind of animal is a spring peeper?

Answer: Frog

Quiz Question 186: To which class of animals does the tortoise belong?

Answer: Reptilia

01The largest bird alive is theOstrich
02The smallest bird alive is theHumming bird
03An animal doctor is called aVeterinarian
04How many arms an octopus hasEight
05The arms of the octopus are calledTentacles
06The fastest moving land snake in the world is theBlack Mamba
07A group of lions is called aPride
08A group of invertebrate animals which have segments body and jointed limbs are calledArthropods
09A period of dormancy in winter by some animals known asHibernation
10Animals having backbone (vertebra) are known asVertebrates
11Albatross is a largeSea bird
12A small fish having a head like that of a horse is known asSea horse
13African donkey with black and white stripes is called aZebra
14A small worm which lives in ponds and rivers and sucks the blood of animals isLeech
15The world's largest zoological reserve is theEtosha National Park,Namibia
16Egg laying mammals are calledPrototherians
17The bird which lays more than 100 eggs in one nest is theOstrich
18The largest Kangaroo in the world is theRed Kangaroo
19The only mammal that can fly is theBat
20The animal revered by the buddhists as their sacred animal is theWhite elephant
21It is widely believed that Ostrich buries its head in sand which isNot true
22Austrian scientist Konard Lorenz is famous forStudy on Geese
23Bharatpur bird sanctuary is situated inRajasthan
24The fish which is known as the king of fishes is theShark
25The world's largest aquarium is theSydney Aquarium
26The tallest living animal is theGiraffe
27India's first sanctuary was theCorbett National Park in Uttar Pradesh
28The largest living animal is theRorqual or blue whale
29The continent which is known as the land of Kangaroo isAustralia
30The first forest show was established in Mexico in the year1898
31The country in which Yak is found isTibet
32The country in which kiwi is found isNew Zealand
33Wadia Institute of Himalayan Zoology is located atDelhi
34Dudhwa National Park is located inUttar Pradesh
35The wildlife sanctury where we find asiatic lion is theGir Forest
36A two humped camel is calledA Bacteria camel
37Butterflies come under the familyLepidoptera
38The temple in which rats are revered,fed and protected is theKarnimata in Rajasthan
39The fastest land animal is theCheetah
40The largest land animal is theAfrican bush elephant
41Rat snakes are found inSouth-East Asia
42A common domesticated animal which cannot taste sweet is theCat
43The world's smallest animal is theSkunk like zorilla of Africa
44The mammal that lives at the greatest altitude is theHog nosed bat
45The smallest member of the cat family is theYak
46The only flying mammals are theRusty spotted cat of south India
47The largest flying mammal is theBats
48The world's largest deer is theMouse eared bat
49The world's heaviest flying bird is theAlaskan moose
50The bird which has the largest wing span is theGreat Bustard
51The largest of all lizards is theAlbatros
52The largest known frog is theOra
53The longest known frog is theGoliath Grog
54The longest insect in the world is theGiant stick Insect
55The fastest moving insect in the world is theTropical cockroach
56The giant stick Insect is found inIndonesia
57There are how many kinds of cat species in IndiaFifteen
58The animal known as the river horse is theHippopotamus
59The elephant's trunk is actually a modifiedIncisor
60The diet of a gorilla is purelyVegetarian
61The only ape found in India is theHoolock's Gibbon
62The number of known species of mammals are4230
63The fish that can taste with its whole body is theCatfish
64The average weight of a blue whale is1,20,000 kg.
65The most widely eaten fish in India is thePomfret
66The only fish that makes nest is theStickle back
67A group of peacocks are called aMuster
68Gold fish originally belongs toChina
69Red panda is also known as theCat bear
70A female rabbit is called aDoe
71A female horse is called aMare
72A female pig is called aSow
73The whale believed to be a fish,is actually aMammal
74The organ which is missing in the Camel is theGall bladder
75The Archer fish catches its flies bySpitting at them
76The smallest known fish is theDwaft pygmy goby
77The country which is the largest exporter of hippopotamuses in Europe isHungary
78A bird which lays only one egg in two years is theAlbatross
79The size of a newly born kangaroo is2.5 cms
80The only animal that sleeps on its back isMan
81The only animal which has four knees is theElephant
82An animal which is dumb is theGiraffe
83A frog catches insects with itsTongue
84The number of teeth a fox has isForty two
85The smallest dog on earth is theChihuahua
86A common domesticated animal which is colour-blind is theDog
87The largest seabird is theAlbatross
88A group of eagles are called aConvocation
89A group of hares are called aHusk
90A group of quail are called aBevy
91A group of fish are called aShoal
92A group of sheep are called aFlock
93A group of wolves are called aPack
94A group of cattle are called aHerd
95A group of gorillas are called aBand
96A group of elephants are called aHerd
97The female of a stag are called aHind
98The male of a cow is called aBull
99The young of an elephant is called aCalf
100The young one of a goat is called aKid
101The cat belongs to the family calledFalidate
102The cat which is commonly used in the hunting game is theCheetah
103The largest member of the cat family is theTiger
104A camel can remain without water for30 days
105Ranganthittu bird sanctuary is located nearMysore
106The oldest domestic Cat on record lives for how many yearsThirty six
107How many teeth a horse hasForty
108Snow leopards are found inHimalayas
109The insect which has the largest population on earth is theWasp
110Fishes evolved in which eraSilurian
111Elephant fish are found inTropical Africa
112How many arms a giant squid hasTen
113The whale's nostrils are situated on theTop of its head
114The largest Indian deer is theSambar
115The average pregnancy period of a female dog is63 days
116Penguins are found in theSouth pole
117Project Tiger was launched in India in the year1972
118The largest division of the animal kingdom is theArthropoda
119The first animal to go into space wasDog
120How many teeth a turtle hasEight
121The number of bones in the giraffe's neck isSeven
122A fox's tail is called aBrush
123A female Ass is called asJenny
124The young once of a tiger are calledLigon
125A squirrel's home is called aDrey
126A group of snakes are called aDen
127A group of foxes are called aSkulk
128The word hamster meansHoarder
129A group of cats are called aClutter
130The word langur meansLong tailed
131The Science of fossils is calledPalaentology
132A young kangaroo is called aJoey
133A young pigeon is called aSwab
134The word reptile meansTo creep

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