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World GK, GK Questions Answers

World GK, GK Questions Answers

World GK, GK Questions Answers

1 In which Middle Eastern country is the Roman city of Jerash?
Answer:- Jordan.

2 In which European country is the ski resort of Solden?
Answer:- Austria.

3 Naim Suleymanoglu from Turkey is a top name in which sport?
Answer:- Weightlifting.

4 Which number lies between seven and eight on a dartboard?
Answer:- 16

5 Which US director made the films Carrie, Scarface and The Untouchables?
Answer:- Brian De Palma.

6 In which athletics event did Bob Beamon hold the world record for 23 years?
Answer:- Long jump.

7 Which female French singer is best known for the song Non, Je Ne Regrette Rien?
Answer:- Edith Piaf.

8 What would you find in a formicary?
Answer:- Ants.

9 Which Greek millionairess died in 1989 in Argentina?
Answer:- Christina Onassis.

10 What sort of creature is a flying fox?
Answer:- Fruit-bat.

11 Who composed the music for Hark the Herald Angels Sing?
Answer:- Mendelssohn.

12 Who was the first actress to receive two Oscars before the age of 30?
Answer:- Jodie Foster.

13 Which large triangular muscle covering the shoulder serves to raise the arm laterally?
Answer:- Deltoid.

14 What was the pen-name of Samuel Langhorne Clemens?
Answer:- Mark Twain.

15 Who was the fifth wife of King Henry VIII of England?
Answer:- Catherine.

16 Which actor’s childhood nickname was Tootsie?
Answer:- Dustin Hoffman.

17 What name is given to 15 July, which is supposed to set the weather for 40 days thereafter?
Answer:- St Swithin’s Day.

18 On which day of the week did New Year’s Day fall in 2007?
Answer:- Monday.

19 On which island is the poet Rupert Brooke buried?
Answer:- Skyros.

20 Which is the world’s second largest desert?
Answer:- Australian.

21 Which composer wrote Orpheus in the Underworld and The Tales of Hoffmann?
Answer:- Offenbach.

22 What is the name of the brown pigment made from the ink of cuttlefish?
Answer:- Sepia.

23 Which constellation includes Sirius, the brightest star in the night sky?
Answer:- Canis Major.

24 What was the legendary capital of King Arthur’s kingdom?
Answer:- Camelot.

25 Which region of Canada comprises the districts of Mackenzie, Keewatin and Franklin?
Answer:- North West Territories.

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