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मंगलवार, 14 फ़रवरी 2017

General Knowledge Question Answer, india gk

General Knowledge Question Answer, india gk

• Who's the best way to change the river
C-Kosi River
• What is the tallest river that do not create
C - Narmada and tapti
• which is the most height of the war on the highest height - siachen (Glacier)
• What is the biggest River Island-mājulī
• Hawaii airport at the highest height of india - leh (Ladakh)
• What is the most abadi city of india - mumbai
• What is the biggest church of India - Saint-Kaithēḍarala Goa
• The largest district of india - the largest district of India
• The highest gravitational dam which is - bhakra dam
• Who is the highest peak of India
C-K-2 (Gāḍavina Austin)
• The most of the Indian subcontinent
Which is the top top-Mount Everest
• which is the biggest river of India
Is the ganges
• The most of the Indian subcontinent
Big river - bahmaputra
• which is the longest road bridge of india - garēsōppā waterfall (Karnataka)
• which is the longest road bridge of India - Nehru Bridge (Bihar)
• Who is the tallest road tunnel - jawahar tunnels
• Where is the longest platform and what's the sanity express
• The fastest speed train in India
Century Express
• which is the largest museum of india - the Indian Museum (he)
• which is the tallest lane-tunnel of India
- peer pan̄jāla tunnel (Jammu Kashmir)
• which is the biggest bird of india - jūlōjikala garden,
Ali PUR (he)
• What is the tallest road of India -
National Highway-7
• What is the highest dam - tehri dam
• which is the longest dam of india - hīrākuṇḍa dam
(Mahanadi, Odisha)
• which is the biggest desert of india - the desert of the thar desert
• which is the largest delta of India - Sunderban Delta (p. Bengal)
• which is the biggest dome of india - gōlagumbada (Bijapur)
• which is the biggest pillar of India
Kutubamīnāra (Delhi)
• which is the biggest natural lake of India
C-Wular Lake (Srinagar)
• What is the biggest artificial lake - indira
• which is the highest statue of India
Hanuman (Shimla)
• which is the highest door of india - lofty door (Fatehpur)
• Where is the most rainfall in india - masinarāma (Meghalaya)
• What is the meaning of the 'Aryan' word - best or noble, the language of Aryans.
What was Sanskrit
• What was the main business of Aryans - Husbandry and agriculture
• The Aryans first discovered which of the metal
• Anti-Veda Veda and anti-brāhmāṇa
The teacher was called-shraman
• What was the important part of the vedic math - śulva also

Which is the most expensive city of India - Mumbai (Maharashtra)
• India's largest indoor stadium - Indira Gandhi Stadium (new
• Who is the most forest state-Madhya Pradesh-Lrb-Madhya Pradesh-RRB -
• which is the biggest kēpṭī of India -
Howrah Bridge (he)
• which is the largest cave-Temple of India - Ellora (Aurangabad)
• What's the tallest mountain series of India
C - Himalaya
• Where is the biggest fair of animals in india - sonepur (Bihar)
• Where is the biggest delta of India - Sunderban Delta (p. Bengal)
• India's biggest kōriḍōra - in rameshwar temple (Tamilnadu)
• the tallest canal of India - Indira Gandhi canal
• which is the largest stadium of india - young bharti (Kolkata)
• Which of India's tallest assistant river
C - Yamuna
• which is the largest gurudwara of India - Ashmaasvramu (Tamilnadu)

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