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रविवार, 9 जुलाई 2017

GK Quiz In Hindi, GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Quiz, General Knowledge science @

GK Quiz In Hindi, GENERAL KNOWLEDGE Quiz, General Knowledge science @

1.Which among the following is the correct decreasing of bioelements in Human Body?

[A]oxygen, hydrogen, Carbon, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus

[B]oxygen, carbon, nitrogen, hydrogen, calcium, and phosphorus

[C]oxygen, carbon, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus

[D]carbon, oxygen, hydrogen, nitrogen, calcium, and phosphorus

2. Which among the following happens in an oxidation reaction ?

[A]Electrons are gained

[B]Electrons are lost

[C]Protons are gained

[D]Protons are lost

3.Identify the thermosetting plastic from the given options:





4. White Phosphorous is represented by which among the following symbols?





5. Which among the following is called Laughing Gas popularly?

[A]Nitric oxide

[B]Nitrous oxide

[C]Nitrogen penta oxide


6 . Identify the non-metallic mineral from the given options:





7.Bring out the only correct statement in context with Uranium:

[A]Both U-235 and U-238 are fissile but only U-235 can sustain chain reactions

[B]Only U-235 is fissile and can sustain chain reaction but U-238 is fertile

[C]U-238 can be used in chain reactions only after extracting U-235 from it

[D]Uranium enrichment is a process where concentration of U-238 is increased using some chemical processes

B is the correct answer.

C is not correct because U-238 will support chain reactions after it is converted to plutonium-239. D is also incorrect because its concentration of U-235 that matters.

8. “Atoms can neither be created nor destroyed.” This principle was given by __?



[D]Niels Bohr

9. 2,4-D, which is sold as a weed killer of the broad-leaved weeds is a synthetic version of __:

[A]Auxin Hormone

[B]Cytokinin Hormone


[D]None of them

10. The aqueous solution of which among the following acids is called Vinegar?

[A]Oxalic acid

[B]Citric acid

[C]Acetic acid

[D]Hydrochloric acid

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