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शुक्रवार, 14 अप्रैल 2017

World GK Question answer, General Knowledge Question Answer, GK Questions For All Examinationo

World GK Question answer, General Knowledge Question Answer, GK Questions For All Examinationo

1. Ceylon is the former name of what country?

Ans : Sri Lanka

2. What city was once called New Amsterdam?

Ans : New York City

3. What valley is the site of the Earth's highest-ever recorded temperature, 134°F?

Ans : Death Valley

4. Albania and Serbia are located on what peninsula?

Ans : Balkan

5. What is Pakistan's longest river?

Ans : Indus River

6. What strait divides Morocco and Spain?

Ans : Strait of Gibraltar

7. By surface area, what is the largest of Africa's great lakes?


8. What country is often described as being shaped like a boot?


9.What is the largest island in the Mediterranean Sea?


10. What canal connects the Red and Mediterranean Seas?

Suez Canal

11.What country is also known as Persia?

Ans : Iran

12. In what country would you find Mount Kilimanjaro?

Ans : Tanzania

13. What major river flows through the Grand Canyon?

Ans : Colorado River

14. What name is given to the northeast part of China?

Ans : Manchuria

15. What is the main island of Japan?

Ans : Honshu

16. In what city is the Brandenburg Gate located?

Ans : Berlin

17. In what country would you find the city of Limerick?

Ans : Ireland

18. What well-known mountain pass connects Pakistan and Afghanistan?

Ans : Khyber Pass

19. What volcano exploded in 1883 with the force of 200 megatons of TNT?

Ans : Krakatoa

20. Old Trafford stadium is located near what major city?

Ans : Manchester

21.Which is the world's largest orphan & abandoned children charity?

Ans : SOS Chilidren's Villages UK

22.Island Aviation Services is the Government run airlines of ?

Ans : Maldives

23. In which country is the Hillary-Tenzing Airport situated?

Ans : Nepal

24. Name the country which is the craddle of western classic music, known as 'The land of music'?

Ans : Austria

25. Which country is the leading egg producer in the world?

Ans : China

26. Which gorge in Nepal is deepest in the world?

Ans : Kali Gandaki Gorge (Andha Galchi)

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