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GK Quiz, Gk Question Answer

GK Quiz, Gk Question Answer

1. Which of the following country has recently adopted new constitution to make the country’s transition to a secular and democratic republic?

A. Maldives

B. Sri Lanka

C. Bangaldesh

D. Nepal

Answer : D

2. Who is the winner of 2015 Singapore Grand Prix of Formula One?

A. Sebastian Vettel

B. Nico Hulkenberg

C. Nico Rosberg

D. Danieal Ricciardo

Answer : A

3. Who is the current President of Nepal?

A. Abdulla Yameen

B. Ram Baran Yadav

C. Abdul Hamid

D. Thein Sein

Answer : B

4. Who is the winner of Jnangarima Manad Alankaran Award of Bharatiya Jnanpith?

A. Satyapal Anand

B. Syed Waheed Ashraf

C. Syed Amin Ashraf

D. Shamim Hanf

Answer : D

5. Who is the author of “Hollywood Wives”?

A. Viola Davis

B. Michael Cristofer

C. Jackie Collins

D. Kylie Travis

Answer : C

6. .International Day of Peace was observed on 21st September 2015. What is its theme for the year 2015?

A. Learn to Love-Love Makes Peace

B. Make Peace from your Home

C. World Needs Peace and Prosperity

D. Partnerships for PeaceDignity for all

Answer : D

7Name the Indian who has won silver medal in 2015 Korea Open Badminton Tournament?

A. Ajay Jayaram

B. Chetan Anand

C. Aditya Joshi

D. Sanave Thomas

Answer : A

8. Ladakh Festival is celebrated at which of the following state?

A. Uttar Pradesh

B. Bihar

C. Rajasthan

D. Jammu and Kashmir

Answer : D

9. How much fund has been allotted for the National Integrated Power Development Scheme?

A. Rs. 45,000 Crore

B. Rs. 50,000 Crore

C. Rs. 35,000 Crore

D. Rs. 40,000 Crore

Answer : A

10. Name the Indian Cricketer who has received the honorary life membership by the Cricket Club of India?

A. M S Dhoni

B. Virat Kohli

C. Ajinkya Rahane

D. Sachin Tendulkar

Answer : C

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