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रविवार, 20 नवंबर 2016

GK questions answers

Which has the longest wave length? – Infra red radiation
Which plant produce seed but not fruit? – Mint
When are positive ions are formed from neutral atoms? – By loss of electrons
Which Bacteria convert atmospheric nitrogen into nitrogenous compound? – Nitrogen fixing bacteria
Which fraction is obtained between temperature 150–300°C during fractional distillation of crude petroleum? – Kerosene
If a proton is brought towards an electron from infinity, how will the potential energy of the system? – Decrease
Which system is formed by the interaction of a community of organisms with its environment? – Ecosystem
Which branch of science deals with the study of tissue found in the body of organism? – Histology
In the electrolysis the amount of mass deposited or liberated at an electrode is directly proportional to which thing? – Amount of charge
Activated charcoal is employed to remove colouring matter from pure substance, it work? – Adsorption
Which substance is more than 80% in the cell? – Water
A horizontal cable carries a current from west to east. the direction of the magnetic field produced by the current at a point vertically above the wire is which side? – North to south
What is the Eosin used to detect the end point of precipitation titration by adsorption called? – Normal indicator
Which branch of science that deals with the study of law is genetics for the improvement of human race? – Eugenics

Why does a man inside an artificial satellite feels weightlessness? – Because the force of attraction due to earth is zero at that earth is
What is the Branch of biology in which we study about relationship between living and their environment? – Ecology
What is the process of transfer of genetic information from DNA to RNA or formation of RNA from DNA? – Transcription
Which mixture is homogeneous? – Methanol and water
What is an example of emulsion? – Milk
What is the Study of integrated use of microbiology, biochmistry and engineering? – Biotechnology
What is formed by strong heating of potassium petmanganate? – O2
Most of the digestion occur in which part of alimentory canal of man? – Small intestine
A bullet hits and gets embedded in a solid block resting on a horizontal frictionless table. What is conserved’? – Momentum
What is the bond between two amino acids in a protein? – Ester bond
What is the Study of inter-relationships between an entire community and its environment? – Synecology
Ophthalmology is the branch of science in which we study about which thing? – Eye
The process of converting hydrate Al2O3 into anhydrous aluminium is known as which name? – Calcination
Which is the largest phylum in the animal kingdom in respect of number of species? – Arthropoda
Which is the compound in that oxygen shows + 2 oxidation state? – F2O
Van arkel method of purification of metals involves converting the metal to which compound? – Volatile compound
Malaria parasite and Amoeba are grouped under? – Protozoa
Magnetic dipole moment is a vector quantity directed from which direction? – South to north
What is France’s global ranking in terms of the number of animal species under threat? – 8
Which ancestor of man for the first time began the bipedal locomotion ? – Australopithecus
Which is the contractile protein muscle? – Myosin
Which is the compound in that oxygen shows –1 oxidation state is? – Na2O2
What is the reason of floating of the ore particles in concentration by froth floatation process? – Their bein
Fluorescent tubes are fitted with a choke. What does the choke coil? – Reduces current in the circuit
What is the second most common element in the universe? – Si
Entamoeba histolytica is found in which part of man? – Intestine
What is the maximum number of different electrical combination possible with three equal resistances? – 4

General Science Quiz
The statements “Protoplasm is the physical basis of life” is given by which person? – Purkinje
Purification of aluminium by electrolyte refining is known as which name? – Hoope’s process
A large magnet is broken into two pieces. If the lengths of two pieces are in the ratio of 3 : 4. what is the ratio of their pole strengths? – 1 : 1
By whom was Tetrahedral nature of bonding in carbon atom first shown? – van’t Hoff and Le-Bel
A particle of mass m and charge q travels from rest through a potential difference V. What is its final energy? – qV
What is also known as green protozo? – Euglena
If the electric current in a lamp decreases by 5% then the power output decreases by how many percentages? – 10%
Acid rain is caused due to emission of which gases into the atmosphere? – Oxides of nitrogen and sulphur
Which naturally occurring element in the rice husk makes it termite resistant? – Silicon
Which quantity remains constant in a step-down transformer? – Power
In the extraction of zinc the formation of blue flame is due to the burning of which gas? – CO
What number of essential amino acid is found in man? – 20
Which of the following potassium compounds is known as ‘Pearl ash’? – K2CO3
In which organ carbohydrate is stored as glycogen? – Liver
What is formed when white phosphorus is heated at 540 K in the absence of air? – Red phosphorus
Which tissue help in keeping the body warm? – Fatty tissue
If all plant of the world die than why will all animal ultimately die? – Due to Lack of oxygen
Why does Coagulation of blood not occur inside human body? – Due to presence of Heparin
Which oxide is amphoteric in nature? – SnO2
Which particle has the longest de Broglie wavelength if they are moving with same velocity ? – â-particle

Which pollutant is main product of automobile exhaust? – NO
By which is the amount of light entering into the eye controlled? – Iris
What is an association of individuals of different species living in the same habitat and having functional interactions? – Biotic community
Over the last 100 years global sea level has risen by about howmany cm? – 10-12. 5 cm
Whose statement is this? “Algebraic sum of the current meeting at a node is zero”– – Kirchhoff’s law
Why are elements of group I known as alkali metals? – Their oxides are alkaline
In methane molecule how are the four hydrogen atoms arranged? – As tetrahedral

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