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बुधवार, 27 जनवरी 2016

Current Affairs Quiz: 26 January 2016

Current Affairs Quiz: 26 January 2016
1. What was the theme of the International Customs Day 2016 which is celebrated on 26 January?
a) Digital Customs: Progressive Engagement
b) Digital Engagement: Progressive Customs
c) Digitally Progressive: Customs
d) Digital Engagement: Progressively Customs
2. From which date, the Scheduled Castes and the Scheduled Tribes (Prevention of Atrocities) Amendment Act, 2015 came into force?
a) 26 January 2016
b) 1 February 2016
c) 31 January 2016
d) 1 April 2016
3. Who was awarded the nation’s highest peacetime gallantry award Ashoka Chakra posthumously on 26 January 2016 for his acts of most conspicuous gallantry?
a) Lance Naik Mohan Nath Goswami
b) Subedar Mahendra Singh
c) Major Anurag Kumar
d) Naik Kheem Singh Mehra
4. India celebrated its Republic Day on 26 January 2016. It was India’s
a) 66th Republic Day
b) 67th Republic Day
c) 65th Republic Day
d) 68th republic Day
5. Union Cabinet on 25 January 2016 recommended the imposition of Presidential Rule under Article 356 of the Indian Constitution in which state?
a) Tripura
b) Arunachal Pradesh
c) Meghalaya
d) Nagaland
6. In which country, ISRO will build a satellite tracking and imaging centre that will give the concerned country access to pictures from Indian earth observation satellites over the region?
a) Malaysia
b) Brunei
c) Vietnam
d) Indonesia
7. To safeguard vulnerable seaside settlements in Odisha’s Kendrapara district from cyclones like Phailin, a 17.5 kilometer seawall is being constructed. The construction of seawall is based on a technology named
a) Galvanized metallic gabion boxes
b) Saline embankment technology
c) 3D Concrete Printing
d) SUPERCAP System
8. A team of Indo-German geologists and palaeontologists have found fossils of a 135-million-year old herbivorous dinosaur, which possibly is the oldest such fossil found this century. The fossils were found in which area of India?
a) Jaisalmer, Rajasthan
b) Kutch, Gujarat
c) Narmada Valley Basin, Kheda, Gujarat
d) Rajsamand, Rajasthan
9. In which country the colourful Thaipusam festival was celebrated by millions of Hindus by offering prayers to Lord Murugan on Batu Caves in January 2016?
a) Thailand
b) Singapore
c) Myanmar
d) Malaysia
10. Who among the following signs the certificates conferred on the Jeevan Raksha Padak Awardees?
a) Prime Minister
b) President of India
c) Union Home Minister
d) Union Defence Minister
11. Which state government on 25 January 2016 launched Media Helpline to redress media grievances?
a) Maharashtra
b) Bihar
c) Rajasthan
d) Uttar Pradesh
12. What is the name of the scheme launched by Union Government on 25 January 2016 to enable online booking of LPG cylinders?
a) Sahaj Scheme
b) Saral Scheme
c) Upbhokta Unmoolan Schme
d) Aasaan Scheme
13. Name the pace legend from Australia who will be inducted into the Australian Cricket Hall of Fame (ACHoF) at the Allan Border Medal ceremony on 27 January 2016.
a) Glenn McGrath
b) Wally Grout
c) Jeff Thomson
d) Bob Simpson
14. Where was the 1st Ministerial Meeting of Arab- India Cooperation Forum held in January 2016?
a) Dubai
b) Manama
c) Abu Dhabi
d) Doha
15. As per an agreement between India and France on 25 January 2016, Indian Railways will buy 800 railway coaches from which French company to renovate Ambala-Ludhiana stations?
a) Schneider Electric
b) Alstom
c) Dassault Systèmes
d) French Alternative Energies
1-(a) 6-(c) 11-(d)
2-(a) 7-(a) 12-(a)
3-(a) 8-(b) 13-(c)
4-(b) 9-(d) 14-(b)
5-(b) 10-(c) 15-(b)

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