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बुधवार, 16 दिसंबर 2015

14 Countries That Will Let You Drive On An Indian Driver’s Licence

Here’s a list of countries where you can just show up and drive off on your Indian driver’s licence.

1. Germany

Wikimedia Commons
You can drive in Germany for up to six months of entering the country on an Indian licence. You will also need a translation of the licence from the embassy. Having an International Driver’s Permit is handy too.
Road to drive on: There are stretches of Autobahns that have no speed limits

2. United Kingdom

United Kingdom
John Mallaney
You are allowed to drive anywhere in Great Britain up to a period of one year on a valid driving licence.
Road to drive on: Visit the Isle Of Man where there are no set speed limits.

3. United States of America

The country is best explored by road and you can drive here for a year, as long as your licence is in English. If it’s in one of the local languages, you’ll require an IDP to go along with it.
Road to drive on: Route 66 that takes you from Chicago to Santa Monica across the width of the nation.

4. France

The country allows foreigners to drive for a year on their local driver’s licence, but will require them to have a French translation.
Road to drive on: Mountain roads of Corsica will test your and the car’s abilities.

5. Australia

Wikimedia commons
As long as you are just visiting, you are allowed to drive on your Indian licence, but it should be in English. You are also required to carry an IDP. 
Road to drive on: Lasseter Highway in Northern Territory.

6. Switzerland

Wikimedia commons
Visitors are allowed to drive in the picturesque country for a year on their respective driver’s licence.
Road to drive on: St Gotthard Pass which joins the north and south of the country.

7. New Zealand

New Zealand
The small country in the Pacific is full of great driving roads and lets visitors drive for a year on their home country’s driving licence. You are also restricted to the kind of vehicle that your licence is valid for.
Road to drive on: Thames to Coromandel Road
However, these aren't the only countries that will let you drive with an Indian Licence. Here are some more that you should explore by road.
South Africa

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