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Full Form of hardware and networking devices

Full Form of hardware and networking devices:-

रोचक जानकारी देखने के लिए यहाँ क्लिक करें 

ACalternating current
ACPIadvanced configuration and power interface
ADSLasymmetrical digital subscriber line
AGPaccelerated graphics port
AMDadvanced micro devices
AMRaudio modem riser
APIPAautomatic private internet protocol addressing
APMadvanced power management
ARPaddress resolution protocol
ASRautomated system recovery
ATadvanced technology
ATAadvanced technology attachment
ATAPIadvanced technology attachment packet interface
ATMasynchronous transfer mode
ATXadvanced technology extended
BIOSbasic input/output system
BNCBayonet-Neill-Concelman or British Navel Connector
BRIbasic rate interface
BTXbalanced technology extended
CCDcharged coupled device
CDcompact disc
CD-ROMcompact disc-read-only memory
CD-RWcompact disc-rewritable
CDFScompact disc file system
CMOScomplementary metal-oxide semiconductor
CNRcommunication network riser
COM1communication port 1
CPUcentral processing unit
CRIMMcontinuity-rambus inline memory module
CRTcathode-ray tube
DACdiscretionary access control
DB-25serial communications D-shell connector, 25 pins
DB-99 pin D shell connector
DCdirect current
DDOSdistributed denial of service
DDRdouble data-rate
DDR RAMdouble data-rate random access memory
DDR SDRAMdouble data-rate synchronous dynamic random access memory
DFSdistributed file system
DHCPdynamic host configuration protocol
DIMMdual inline memory module
DINDeutsche Industrie Norm
DIPdual inline package
DLTdigital linear tape
DLPdigital light processing
DMAdirect memory access
DNSdomain name service or domain name server
DOSdisk operating system or denial of service
DPMSdisplay power management signaling
DRAMdynamic random access memory
DSLdigital subscriber line
DVDdigital video disc or digital versatile disc
DVD-RAMdigital video disc-random access memory
DVD-ROMdigital video disc-read only memory
DVD-Rdigital video disc-recordable
DVD-RWdigital video disc-rewritable
DVIdigital visual interface
ECCerror correction code
ECPextended capabilities port
EEPROMelectrically erasable programmable read-only memory
EFSencrypting file system
EIDEenhanced integrated drive electronics
EISAextended industry standard architecture
EMIelectromagnetic interference
EMPelectromagnetic pulse
EPROMerasable programmable read-only memory
EPPenhanced parallel port
ERDemergency repair disk
ESDelectrostatic discharge
ESDIenhanced small device interface
EVGAextended video graphics adapter/array
EVDOevolution data optimized or evolution data only
FATfile allocation table
FAT1212-bit file allocation table
FAT1616-bit file allocation table
FAT3232-bit file allocation table
FDDfloppy disk drive
FERPAFamily Educational Rights and Privacy Act
FnFunction (referring to the function key on a laptop)
FPMfast page-mode
FRUfield replaceable unit
FTP file transfer protocol
FQDNfully qualified domain name
GDIgraphics device interface
GUIgraphical user interface
GPRSgeneral packet radio system
GSMglobal system for mobile communications
HALhardware abstraction layer
HCLhardware compatibility list
HDDhard disk drive
HDMihigh definition media interface
HPFShigh performance file system
HTMLhypertext markup language
HTTPhypertext transfer protocol
HTTPShypertext transfer protocol over secure sockets layer
ICMPinternet control message protocol
ICSinternet connection sharing
ICRintelligent character recognition
IDEintegrated drive electronics
IEEEInstitute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers
IISInternet Information Services
IMAPinternet mail access protocol
IPinternet protocol
IPCONFIGinternet protocol configuration
IPPinternet printing protocol
IPSECinternet protocol security
IPXinternetwork packet exchange
IPX/SPXinternetwork packet exchange/sequenced packet exchange
IrDAInfrared Data Association
IRQinterrupt request
ISAindustry standard architecture
ISDNintegrated services digital network
ISOIndustry Standards Organization
ISPinternet service provider
LANlocal area network
LBAlogical block addressing
LCLucent connector
LCDliquid crystal display
LDAPlightweight directory access protocol
LEDlight emitting diode
LIPor LiPoly lithium-ion polymer
LPD/LPRline printer daemon / line printer remote
LPTline printer terminal
LPT1line printer terminal 1
LPXlow profile extended
LVDlow voltage differential
MACmedia access control
MANmetropolitan area network
MAPImessaging application programming interface
MBRmaster boot record
MBSAMicrosoft Baseline Security Analyzer
MCRmultivariant curve resolution
MFDmulti-function device
MFPmulti-function product
MicroDIMMmicro dual inline memory module
MIDImusical instrument digital interface
MIMEmultipurpose internet mail extension
MLImultiple link interface
MMCMicrosoft management console
MMXmultimedia extensions
MP3Moving Picture Experts Group Layer 3 Audio
MPEGMoving Picture Experts Group
MSCONFIGMicrosoft configuration
MSDSmaterial safety data sheet
MUImultilingual user interface
NASnetwork-attached storage
NATnetwork address translation
NetBIOSnetworked basic input/output system
NetBEUInetworked basic input/output system extended user interface
NFSnetwork file system
NICnetwork interface card
NiCdnickel cadmium
NiMHnickel metal hydride
NLInot logged in or natural language interface
NLXnew low-profile extended
NNTPnetwork news transfer protocol
NTFSnew technology file system
NTLDRnew technology loader
NWLINKNetware Link
OCRoptical character recognition
OEMoriginal equipment manufacturer
OMRoptical mark recognition
OSoperating system
OSRoriginal equipment manufacturer service release
PANpersonal area network
PATAparallel advanced technology attachment
PCpersonal computer
PCIperipheral component interconnect
PCIeperipheral component interconnect express
PCIXperipheral component interconnect extended
PCLprinter control language
PCMCIAPersonal Computer Memory Card International Association
PDApersonal digital assistant
PGApin grid array
PGA2pin grid array 2
PINpersonal identification number
PKIpublic key infrastructure
PnPplug and play
POPpost office protocol
POP3post office protocol 3
POSTpower-on self test
POTSplain old telephone service
PPPpoint-to-point protocol
PPTPpoint-to-point tunneling protocol
PRIprimary rate interface
PROMprogrammable read-only memory
PS/2Personal System/2 connector
PSTNpublic switched telephone network
PVCpermanent virtual circuit
PXEpreboot execution environment
QoSquality of service
RAIDredundant array of independent (or inexpensive) discs
RAMrandom access memory
RASremote access service
RBACrole-based access control or rule-based access control
RDRAMRAMBUS dynamic random access memory
RFradio frequency
RFIradio frequency interference
RGBred green blue
RIMMRAMBUS inline memory module
RIProuting information protocol
RISremote installation service
RISCreduced instruction set computer
RJregistered jack
RJ-11registered jack function 11
RJ-45registered jack function 45
RMAreturned materials authorization
ROMread only memory
RS-232 or RS-232Crecommended standard 232
RTCreal-time clock
SANstorage area network
SATAserial advanced technology attachment
SCsubscription channel
SCSIsmall computer system interface
SCSI IDsmall computer system interface identifier
SDcard secure digital card
SDRAMsynchronous dynamic random access memory
SECsingle edge connector
SFCsystem file checker
SGRAMsynchronous graphics random access memory
SIMMsingle inline memory module
SLIscalable link interface or system level integration or scanline interleave mode
SMBserver message block or small to midsize business
SMTPsimple mail transport protocol
SNMPsimple network management protocol
SoDIMMsmall outline dual inline memory module
SOHOsmall office/home office
SPservice pack
SP1service pack 1
SP2service pack 2
SPDIFSony-Philips digital interface format
SPGAstaggered pin grid array
SPXsequenced package exchange
SRAMstatic random access memory
SSHsecure shell
SSIDservice set identifier
SSLsecure sockets layer
STstraight tip
STPshielded twisted pair
SVGAsuper video graphics array
SXGAsuper extended graphics array
TCPtransmission control protocol
TCP/IPtransmission control protocol/internet protocol
TDRtime domain reflectometer
TFTPtrivial file transfer protocol
UARTuniversal asynchronous receiver transmitter
UDFuser defined functions or universal disk format or universal data format
UDMAultra direct memory access
UDPuser datagram protocol
ULUnderwriter’s Laboratory
UNCuniversal naming convention
UPSuninterruptible power supply
URLuniform resource locator
USBuniversal serial bus
USMTuser state migration tool
UTPunshielded twisted pair
UXGAultra extended graphics array
VESAVideo Electronics Standards Association
VFATvirtual file allocation table
VGAvideo graphics array
VoIPvoice over internet protocol
VPNvirtual private network
VRAMvideo random access memory
WANwide area network
WAPwireless application protocol
WEPwired equivalent privacy
WIFIwireless fidelity
WINSwindows internet name service
WLANwireless local area network
WPAwireless protected access
WUXGAwide ultra extended graphics array
XGAextended graphics array
ZIPzigzag inline package

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