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रविवार, 28 जनवरी 2018

Gk Question Answer, General Knowledge Question Answer

Gk Question Answer, General Knowledge Question Answer

1.Where was the first Earth Summit held? Rio de Janeiro 
2.Which UN agency has its headquarters at Paris ? UNESCO 
3.Who has written the Famous play ‘Macbeth’? William Shakespeare 
4.Who has written the book ‘War and Peace’ ? Count Leo Tolstoy 
5.Who was the first Indian to reach Antarctica ? G. S. Sirohi
6.Who has written the first History book? Herodotus
7.Who is the creator of ‘Sherlock Holmes’? Arthur Conan Doyle 
8.What does F. A. O. stands for? Food and Agriculture Organisation 
9.India became a member of the United Nations in which year? 1945 
10.What is U-Tant award given for? Social Service 
11.What does NACMF stands for? National Agricultural Cooperative Marketing Federation 
12.What is the total number of judges of the International Court of Justice (ICJ)? 15 
13.Who was the recipient of the 1991 Nobel Prize for peace? Dalai Lama 
14.Who has received the Nobel Prize twice in different subjects? Madam Curie 
15.Who was the first person to land on moon? Neil Armstrong

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