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गुरुवार, 19 अक्तूबर 2017

Indian Railway GK

Indian Railway GK

  1. Indian Railways ended to VIP culture with new norms
  2. Doomsday to begin on October 15, claim theorists
  3. Cancellation of Tatkal Ticket, new rules introduced as per Railway Current Affairs
  4. Working on various areas across the railway ecosystem, there is a planning to introduce new opportunities for employment in railway.
  5. Indian Railways is going to initiate 100 additional local train services on its Mumbai suburban.
  6. Piyush Goyal is new railway minister
  7. 32 new services will be initiated in Western Railway.
  8. Union Government has appointed Ashwani Lohani as the new Chairman of the Railway Board.
  9. Indian Railways planning to set up hydrogen fuel cell and battery powered 300kW broad-gauge locomotive, and Diesel Locomotive Works.
  10. As per Indian Railway Latest News, 21-tonne axleload locomotive will be introduced.
  11. Semens has launched “strategic equity investment” to boosu this sector of economy.
  12. Indian Railways and Coal India are witnessing high demand for fuel from the power sector.
  13. As per latest Indian Railway News, Chinese Designers are investigating a revolutionary system.
  14. 10 Prima M4 electric passenger locomotives for national railway ADY was unveiled at Alstom’s Belfort factory.
  15. Railway has decided rebuilding for 275 railway bridges across the country.
  16. Railway Board had sought details of bridges as per latest news.
  17. Central Railways has 61 bridges, East Central Railways 63, South Central Railways 41 and Western Railways 42 bridges need to be rebuild.
  18. Habibganj Railway Station to become India’s first private railway station
  19. Union Cabinet appointed Piyush Goyal as the new railway minister.
  20. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal planned to set up locomotive factory at Bihar’s Marhowrah district.
  21. Strategies introduced to opt various options with GE, including exporting diesel locomotives from Marhowrah.
  22. Railway offices and trains now smell like pine and lemongrass as Minister Piyush Goyal’s objection to the “unpleasant peculiar smell”.
  23. Railway ministry introduces ‘No Gifts, Give Up Travel Privileges.
  24. Railway ministry has put an end a 36-year-old protocol where it was mandatory for general managers to be present on arrival and departure of the Railway Board chairman.
  25. Train Ticket Cancellation, Refund Rules have been introduced.
  26. As per Indian Railway Latest Current Affairs, big step to finish VIP culture is taken up.
  27. China urges India to abide by ‘historic boundary treaty as per latest Railway Current Affairs

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