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GK Questions Answers

GK Questions Answers

Q1. The Folded Earth book was written by-
Ans- Anuradha Roy.

Q2. Which rays is very helpful in Long distance photography?
Ans- Infra Red rays.

Q3. Name of vegetable which is also known as a flower?
Ans- Broccoli.

Q4. ‘Foundations of Biology’ concept given by whom?
Ans- Jean Piaget.

Q5. Which planet is commonly known as Dwarf Planet?
Ans- Pluto.

Q6. Who discovered first the blood circulation?
Ans- William Harvey.

Q7. Who won an Oscar for best supporting actor in Spartacus 1960?
Ans- Peter Ustinov.

Q8. Pendulum clocks of slow in the summers-
Ans- The length of the pendulum increases for summers.

Q9. In 1885 who was the President of Congress Party?
Ans- W.C.Barinerji.

Q10. National Right Day is observed.
Ans- 10th December.

Q11. Who achieved the discovery of ‘Vitamin C’?
Ans- James Watson.

Q12. Which gas is most popular as laughing gas?
Ans- Nitrous oxide.

Q13. To measure the Humidity in the air, what instrument used?
Ans- Hygrograph.

Q14. What is the best source of Protein?
Ans- Soybean.

Q15. What is the radiant energy of the sun is transmitted?
Ans- Short waves.

Q16. The Founder Father of Aligarh movement-
Ans- Sir Syed Ahmed Khan.

Q17.Who was the founder of Brahma Samaj?
Ans- Raja Ram Mohan Roy.

Q18. The Indian National Congress was formed in-
Ans- 1885.

Q19- Ruler of the Kingdom of Mysore in southern India.
Ans- Hyder Ali.

Q20. When was British Indian Association founded in India?
Ans- 29 October 1851 (Calcutta).

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