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शनिवार, 16 सितंबर 2017

GK Questions Answers

GK Questions Answers

Q. Government has announced the Minimum Support Price (MSP) for Kharif Crops 2017-18. Which of the following crops has the maximum MSP for 2017-18 ?

1) Rice ‘A’ grade
2) Jowar Hybrid
3) Ragi
4) Bajra

Q. Which of the following is the latest version of Android Mobile Operating System?

1) KitKat
2) Marshmallow
3) Nougat
4) Oreo

Q. Which one of the following has been recognised as National party in 2016 ?

2) Akalidal
3) TMC

Q. Who among the following woman social reformers was called ‘Pandit’?

1) Gangabai
2) Ramabai
3) Annie Besant
4) Sister Subbalakshmi

Q. Baburnama was composed in which language?

1) Trukish
2) Persian
3) Arabic
4) Urdu

Q. English Traveller William Hawkins visited India during the time of which Mughal emperor ?

1) Shah Jahan
2) Akbar
3) Aurangzed
4) Jahangir

Q. What was the name of the Persian translation of Maha-bharata ?

1) Sakinat-ul-Auliya
2) Sirrul Asrar
3) Anwar-i-Suhaili
4) Razmmama

Q. “History is a continuous process of interaction between past and present.” Who said this ?

1) E. H. Carr
2) Charles Firth
3) Karl Marx
4) V.A. Smith

Q. ‘Abhinav Bharat’ founded in 1904 was-

1) a secret organization of revolutionary activities
2) a newspaper
3) a cultural organization
4) a trade union movement

Q. Krishnadevaraya of the Vijaya nagar empire was a contemporary of -

1) Akbar
2) Firuz Shah Tughlaq
3) Babur
4) Balban

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