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मंगलवार, 15 नवंबर 2016

GK Questions For All Examination

1. What is the capital of Turkey?

A. Damascus

B. Tunis

C. Ashgabat

D. Ankara

Answer : D

2. Who is the 1st player to win the ATP World Tour Finals for 4th Consecutive time?

A. Sania Mirza

B. Novak Djokovic

C. Rafael Nadal

D. Roger Federer

Answer : B

3. Which country has won the 8th Men’s Junior Asia Hockey Cup which was held at Kuantan, Malaysia?

A. Pakistan

B. India

C. Japan

D. Korea

Answer : B

4. Mahatma Gandhi International Centre (MGIC) was recently inaugurated at which of the following country?

A. Nepal

B. Sri Lanka

C. Bangladesh

D. Myanmar

Answer : B

5. Union Human Resource Development (HRD) Ministry has recently constituted a 13 member expert committee on Sanskrit, this committee was head by _______.

A. Dr Ramadorai

B. Ramesh Bharadwaj

C. Ved Prakash

D. N Gopalaswami

Answer : D

6. South Asian Football Federation Championships 2016 will be hosted at which of the following countries?

A. India

B. Pakistan

C. Malaysia

D. Sri Lanka

Answer : A

7. Who is the present Union Rural Development Minister of India?

A. Chaudhary Birender Singh

B. Najma Heptullah

C. Kalraj Mishra

D. Ananth Kumar

Answer : A

8. Pacific 2015 International Maritime Conference was hosted at ______.

A. Australia

B. Indonesia

C. Japan

D. Sri Lanka

Answer : A

9. Name the veteran journalist, who has been honoured with Ramnath Goenka Lifetime Achivement Award 2015?

A. A G Noorani

B. Inder Malhotra

C. Kuldip Nayar

D. Ashok Malik

Answer : C

10.What is the currency of Ecuador?

A. Ecuador Peso

B. US Dollar

C. Dinar

D. Pound

Answer : B

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