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बुधवार, 3 फ़रवरी 2016

Space And Planets

Space And Planets 
1. Which is the latest theory of evolution of the Universe ► Pulsating Universe Theory
2. The total number of planets in our solar system is ►9
3. which is the nearest planet to the Sun ►Mercury
4. Which is the farthest planet from the Sun ►Pluto
5. which of the planets has rings round it ►Saturn
6. Which of the nine planets is the largest ►Jupiter
7. The outermost halo of the Sun is called ►Corona
8. How many minutes the Sunlight takes to reach to Earth ►8.3 minutes
9. Lunar Eclipse occurs when ►The Earth is between the Sun and the Moon
10. Solar eclipse is caused when ►The Moon is between the sun and the Earth.
11. 70 degree of the Sun's mass consists of ►Hydrogen
12. Qantas Airlines belongs to ►Australia
13. The first country to launch any vehicle in space was ►USSR (in 1957)
14. The man who walked first on the Moon, was ►Neil Armstrong

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