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शुक्रवार, 5 फ़रवरी 2016

Current Affairs Quiz: 4 February 2016

Current Affairs Quiz: 4 February 2016
1. A UN panel on 4 February 2016 ruled in Wikileaks founder who was unlawfully detained by UK. Name the founder of Wikileaks. 
a) Edward Joseph Snowden
b) Chelsea Elizabeth Manning
c) Daniel Domscheit-Berg
d) Julian Assange
2. World Cancer Day (WCD) 2016 was observed across the world on 4 February 2016. The day was observed with the theme
a) We can. I can.
b) Not Beyond Us
c) Our Fight and Cancer
d) None of the above
3. How many Pacific Rim countries on 4 February 2016 signed the US-led Trans-Pacific Partnership (TPP) agreement in New Zealand?
a) Eight
b) Ten
c) Twelve
d) Thirteen
4. India on 4 February 2016 signed a Cooperation Agreement to acquire the status of the Associate Member State of EMBO. What is the full form of EMBO?
a) European Molecular Biology Organisation
b) Egyptian Molecular Biology Organisation
c) European Molecular Biology Officialdom
d) Egyptian Molecular Biology officialdom
5. Name the first anti-diabetic ayurvedic drug for Diabetes that was launched by CSIR on 3 February 2016.
a) BGF-34
b) BGR-34
c) BHG-24
d) ADD-100
6. Identify the IAS officer who was appointed vice-president and chief investment officer of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB) on 3 February 2016.
a) DJ Pandian
b) GR Aloria
c) Pankaj Joshi
d) L Chuaungo
7. Name the state that in January 2016 rolled out a de-radicalisation programme for the minority community.
a) Maharashtra
b) Karnataka
c) Bihar
d) Gujarat
8. Which company on 3 February 2016 claimed that it has achieved a breakthrough in developing a vaccine to fight the mosquito-borne Zika virus?
a) Biocon
b) Panacea Biotec Limited
c) Wockhardt
d) Bharat Biotech
9. Which documentary film on 3 February 2016 won the Golden Conch Award for the best documentary film at the MIFF 2016?
a) The boy from Geita
b) Far From Home
c) Phum-Shang
d) Lyari Notes
10. Which Indian IT Services firm on 3 February 2016 announced that it was rated as the World’s Most Powerful Brand in IT Services by Brand Finance?
a) Wipro
b) Tata Consultancy Services
c) Infosys
d) HCL Technologies
11. Name the famous Sarangi maestro who on 3 February 2016 was selected for the prestigious Bhimsen Joshi Classical Music Award for 2015-2016.
a) Pandit Ram Narayan
b) Ramesh Mishra
c) Allah Rakha
d) Abdul Latif Khan
12. The Reliance Defence Ltd on 3 February 2016 announced to set up the Dhirubhai Ambani Centre for Innovation and Research in Aerospace in
a) Bengaluru
b) Hyderabad
c) Chennai
d) Mumbai
13. India on 3 February 2016 confirmed its participation in the Cobra Gold 2016 multilateral military exercise hosted by
a) Laos
b) Cambodia
c) Vietnam
d) Thailand
14. To which country the European Union on 3 February 2016 agreed to fund 3.3 billion Euros to cope with Syrian migrants?
a) Greece
b) Italy
c) Turkey
d) Jordan
15. In which city the two-day Counter Terrorism Conference 2016 concluded on 3 February 2016?
a) Hyderabad
b) Jaipur
c) Chennai
d) Chandigarh
1-(d) 6-(a) 11-(a)
2-(a) 7-(a) 12-(a)
3-(c) 8-(d) 13-(d)
4-(a) 9-(c) 14-(c)
5-(b) 10-(b) 15-(b)

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