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गुरुवार, 25 अक्तूबर 2012

General Studies

1.The President of India may resign his office by writing under his hand a letter of resignation addressed to theVice-President
2.The president of India holds office for a term of5 years
3.A person seeking election to the office of the President of India must have completed the age of35 years
4.Who appoints the Attorney General of India?President
5.Next to Uttar Pradesh, the largest number of constituencies for elections to the Lok Sabha are in the State ofBihar
6.The elections to the Lok Sabha are required normally to be held after every5 years
7.The boundary between India and Pakistan was demarcated bySir Cyril Radcliffe
8.Name the scholar who visited India along with Mahmud of GhazniAl-Beruni
9.Which forest belt supplies most of the world's requirement of newsprint?Coniferous
10.The country where death rate is lowest in the world isCanada
11.What is the duration of zero hour in the Lok Sabha?One hour
12.Sun's energy is produced byNucler fusion
13.Who was the Congress President when India became free?J.B. Kripalani
14.In India the standard time is fixed on the basis of standard meridian which passes throughAllahabad
15.The Arabian Sea and the Persian Gulf are connected by theHormuz Strait
16."The Boston Tea Party" took place in1773
17.In the American War of Independence, the leader who was put in command of American forces wasGeorge Washington
18.Which Sikh guru was tortured and killed on the directions of Aurangzeb?Teg Bahadur
19.Since when India has been a member of the United Nations?1945
20.Proteins are made ofAmino acids
21.A light-sensitive compound used in photography isSilver bromide
22.The India Red Cross Society was established in the year1920
23.The speed of an aircraft is measured byAnemometer
24.Fats and carbohydrates are an essential part of our food because theyProvide energy
25.Which is the largest part of the human brain?Cerebellum
26.Milk in its natural form has a certain amount of sugar. This sugar is calledLactose
27.The United Nations University is located inTokyo
28.Which country is largest in area?Russia
29.Buddha delivered his first sermon atSarnath
30.Vitamin necessary for clotting of blood isK
31.The oldest existing newspaper in India isBombay Samachar
32.Which port has a free trade zone?Kandla
33.The largest quantity of fish in the world is produced byJapan & Russia
34.World's largest desert isSahara
35.India's first television center was set up atDelhi
36.In which script were the edicts of Ashoka inscribed?Brahmi
37.Harshvardhana was defeated byPulakesin II
38.Which day is celebrated as United Nations day every year?24th October
39.The headquarters of the United Nations is atNew York
40.The total number of judges of the International Court of justice is12
41.The term of office of a judge of the International Court of Justice is9 years
42.The normal term of office of the UN Secretary General is5 years
43.IRS-IB isAn Indian remote sensing satellite
44Why is the year 1952 important in Indian History?First general elections to the Lok Sabha were held
45.What is an equator?An imaginary line encircling the earth midway between the north and the south poles
46.Why is it easier to swim in a sea than river?Density of sea water is more than that of river
47.Who is known as the 'Heroine of 1942 Quit India Movement'?Aruna Asaf Ali

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